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About Us

What makes iLew baby shoes unique?

Stylish and practical baby & toddler shoes. Handmade in the USA.

iLew is a small business established and run by Jessie Surber, a mom of two, Lewis and Ivan.
iLew is now a family run business, with an ethical and environmentally conscious mindset Jessie started making shoes in 2011 using patterns drafted from scratch. A hot summer night, in 2012, before a family trip to the zoo Jessie sat looking at the newly bought mesh fabric that was planned for a water ring sling. She decided to see what a pair of shoes would look and function like with the mesh. Not only were they adorable but they first were functional. The new shoes kept her son's feet covered and protected, but still cool. Jessie found herself inspired by the versatility of the mesh used in the initial pair of shoes. The mesh allowed feet to stay cool and out of the sun, while the leather toe offered protection from stubs.

­Unlike sandals that are cool during the summer months but leave feet exposed and vulnerable, or regular shoes that provide protection but can get too warm during the summer months, Jessie’s shoes provided the best of both worlds. They soon became both mom and son’s favorite pair of shoes -- the go-to pair for all occasions and locations.

Fast-forward two years to the arrival of Jessie’s second son, Ivan, and so many admiring comments, compliments, and requests about the handmade shoes, iLew was born.

iLew is now a family run business, with an ethical and environmentally conscious mindset. At iLew we source the highest quality, most eco-friendly, and safest materials to use in our shoes.

We sincerely hope you love your iLew baby shoes and find yourself always reaching for them first -- as we did with our initial pairs.

 Thank you for your interest, iLew. 

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